CCF is a small design studio of six individuals based in Hochiminh City

CEO / Design
Alice Thanh Trần


Thế Dũng Nguyễn


Đức Quế Nguyễn


Giang Trần


Thủy Nguyễn


Dũng Nguyễn

We are a passionate team that designs and gathers to bring the best quality of life to our customers. Each of our works is a private language that speaks of aesthetics, art, character of client combinated with designer.



Design costs

Depending on each work item.

Design time

Based on the scale of the project

Construction time

According to the scale and workload, customers are notified in advance

Our passion

The joy and satisfaction of customers when owning quality estate is the driving force in the work

Design rules

We respect our customers' opinions. Brings smart, safe and aesthetic design. Diverse design language, capture and perfect all new trends and technologies. Respecting and protecting the environment demonstrates the lifestyle and soul of modern residents through their homes.